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Always about being carefree

Binibini is boundless and free-spirited. The Binibini lifestyle is a romance of the present rooted in nostalgia. Imagine basking in the glow of the summer sun, taking in the charm and possibilities of the world all at once. 


It is clothing unrestrained and whose guiding principles are ease of movement and utmost individual expression. Each piece is lovingly handmade with hand-guided machine embroidery of Philippine flora, transporting its wearer to that tropical feeling.


An interpretation of life in the tropics
An immortalization of unceasing creativity

Binibini is born in 2021 from the spirit of freedom. It’s a romantic and nostalgic playfulness to everyday living; feminine expression personified. Inspired by summers and breezes, our main goal is to situate comfort within a youthful dream.


An antidote to the monotony of mass-produced garments, Binibini pieces are consciously made by hand. Machine-embroidered motifs bloom from clothes as canvas celebrating the vibrant ecology of the Philippines. 


It is an interpretation of life in the tropics, a “love letter” to the Philippines, and an immortalization of unceasing creativity.

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